Breathing exercise to get rid of phlegm and blocked sinuses in 1-2 minutes

blocked sinusesGetting rid of phlegm from sinuses can be a serious challenge. A person must be aware of several crucial rules, and the causes of excessive mucus production. Various organs of the respiratory tract (sinuses, throat, chest and lungs) and other parts of the body produce a thin layer of mucus that serves many useful functions. Problems appear when the body produces too much, and this mucus becomes viscous and provides a breeding ground for pathogens. This usually happens in sinuses for people with asthma, cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, and many other conditions. As a result, these and other people commonly suffer from sinus infections.

Home remedies for extra mucus treatment methods for sinus infections and are numerous. Here are 3 most effective options. First, get rid of existing phlegm using a simple breathing exercise; then address the long-term problem by habitually practicing reduced breathing that increases brain and body oxygen levels.

Step 1 – The Simple Breathing Exercise

We will start with a simple breathing technique to get rid of phlegm. This home remedy was developed and prescribed successfully by more than 150 Russian MDs to thousands of their patients with excessive phlegm production.

Sit comfortably and relax your muscles, After a gentle outward breath, pinch your nose, keep your mouth closed, and hold your breath until you experience some discomfort, then continue breathing as gently as you can through your nose, keeping your mouth closed throughout this exercise.

After this period of breath holding do not take a large breath. Take in a small breath using the abdominal (stomach) muscles only and then immediately relax all the muscles of your body. You will automatically breathe out. Think of it as the last stages of a balloon deflating.

Take another (smaller) breath into the abdomen and again completely relax. With each breath, take in only a small amount of air (about 20-30% less than usual). Breathe only through the nose, low into the abdomen. The chest should not move. Then completely relax all your muscles at the end of each breath.

The goal is to maintain a shortage of air, known as “air hunger”, for two-to-three minutes.

This breathing technique helps you get rid of excess phlegm significantly faster than doing nothing or using the conventional medical techniques. If your excess mucus is due to allergies or inflammation you may require a longer period of breathing retraining. Your goal will be to change your automatic breathing pattern, making it slower and lighter, increasing your body oxygenation.

Step 2 – The garlic remedy for phlegm and sinus infections

We recently found a great home remedy for sinus infections, which is based on a diluted solution of garlic juice. The diluted garlic juice is applied into infected sinuses to kill germs. It often works in 6-8 hours after application, maximum 24 hours for hard cases. Click the above link for detail.

Step 3 – Getting rid of your mucus for good

For people with a chronic condition additional steps need to be taken:

Practice the reduced breathing exercise, on an empty stomach, as often as possible.

Identify and avoid allergic triggers which causes mucus production. Examples are house dust, pollen, animal dander, etc. Identify and avoid mucus-causing foods. Examples are dairy products, products containing gluten, and sometimes meat and fish.

Take whatever steps are necessary to increase your body oxygen levels (the CP test) by building your control pause to 35 seconds of more for any part of the day.