Keep your pet always active and healthy

Pet healthPets, especially dogs and cats with joint pain and arthritis suffer silently for far too long because they’re unable to express the pain they are experiencing. The cat or dog provides clues that it’s unwell and it’s up to the pet owner to identify these clues to help them with relief from arthritis and joint pain. Moreover, the owner of the pet being proactive helps in making the pet feel healthier. So, by studying the symptoms of the pet, one can understand that it’s not in good health.

The following quick leads show what’s happening with the dog.

Activity Level: After waking up, first thing the dog does is follows one around. This indicates everything’s fine. However, when called and either gets up slowly or doesn’t respond, it’s a warning sign. The dog can indicate it’s not feeling good by drops in the level of activities.

Coat: An instant indication of fitness is when the dog’s coat is shiny. The dog’s duller than usual coat, may indicate it’s not feeling well. Shedding too much fur is also a terrible indication. Although shedding occurs with the change of seasons, be alert when at times extra than normal is shed.

Temperature: At home, check the dog’s temperature for 30 seconds by using a digital thermometer. The usual temperature of a healthy dog is between 99-100 degrees Fahrenheit. Any temperature below or above this range might indicate it’s unwell.

Eyes: A dog has three eyelids. The third eyelid, if clearly seen might indicate fever before time. Bloodshot eyes are one quicker indicator. Probable health problems are verified by checking how clear the whites of the dog’s eyes are.

Drinking Water: Intake of very less or excess water is also an indication of an issue. Lack of appetite along with refusing to drink water is a regular feature amongst ailing dogs besides being an indication of stress. The intake of excess water can be an indication of a fever, hormone problems or kidney issues.

Limping: A dog that’s limping for over a day indicates an issue. The main cause can be poor diet and ligament & joint conditions. For its joint wellbeing, think about providing the dog FlexPet like a normal supplement.

FlexPet that comes with CM8 is a natural dietary supplement not only for dogs, but for cats too. It helps alleviate joint pain and restores health of the pet to its lively nature.

Directions for Usage

FlexPet in chewable form is a delight for cats and dogs.

  • Provide 1-2 FlexPet tablets everyday for all cats and small dogs below 25 lbs
  • Provide 2-3 FlexPet tablets everyday for medium to big dogs between 25 – 75 lbs
  • Provide 3-4 FlexPet tablets everyday for larger dogs above 75 lbs

Each FlexPet bottle consists of 30 servings and cost $79.90. Besides, with the purchase of two containers, one is provided for free. In addition to no monetary risk, try a 3 month FlexPet supply. If unsatisfied just return the first order (three empty containers) for a complete refund of the expenses, less handling and shipping.

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