Effective Tips on How to Tighten Vagina

happylifeHow to tighten vagina is a common concern among ladies. The vagina is the most outstanding organ in the female body. It resembles a petal in definition as the walls open up and fold back in with ease. The fact that a vagina can stretch out enough to let a baby pass through means that its elasticity is remarkable.

However, a vagina can stretch out and lose its original shape with time. There are natural and artificial methods that can effectively help you achieve this. It is however safer to try the best methods on how to tighten your vagina first as they are safe and less likely to bring about side effects.

The walls of the vagina are pleated in a compressed manner. This is the reason behind its expansion and retraction when need arises. During the virgin years of a female, the walls remain tightly compressed and firm in place.

Although sexual intercourse does cause the walls to open up and contract, it does not lead to permanent vaginal enlargement. Multiple child birth is the leading cause of loss of elasticity of the vagina. When a child passes through, the vagina opens up to its maximum. Some go back to normal while others don’t. Age, disease and menopause are other factors that cause widening of the vaginal walls.
How To Tighten Vagina1.

Kegel Exercises
Exercising the pelvic walls is the most natural method known to efficiently tighten the vagina. You can practice tightening the pelvic walls during urination. Gradually stop the flow for a few seconds by tightening the pelvic muscles and release. Repeat this until you can do it any time, for instance while walking, sitting or relaxing.

Gaining control of these muscles and exercising them will help tighten the vagina naturally and effectively. You can do it as many times as you wish without anyone noticing.

2. HerbsThe use of herbs is also a natural means of tightening loose vaginal muscles. Pueraria Mirifica This is a herb that is known to be effective in this quest. It regenerates genital tissue which in turn helps in making the vagina feel fuller and tighter. It is important to note that this special herb also effectively balances the levels of estrogen in a female’s body which further corrects hormonal imbalances. In addition to these qualities, the Pueraria Mirifica herb is also discovered to have the ability to prevent cancer of the uterus.

Cursuma comosa
This is another herb that is also highly effective in this quest due to its rich properties. It effectively tightens the walls of the vagina. In addition to this, it guards against future vaginal prolapse. This means that continuous usage of this herb is encouraged for all females. In relation to vaginal health, Cursuma Comosa is valuable in more than one way.
It has been proven to treat vaginal dryness, reduce hot flashes especially during menopause and the menstrual cycle and also reduce menstrual cramps.

In addition to these special herbs, you can explore other natural options such as easily available ingredients. These include; boiled gooseberry, diluted lime juice, vinegar and water solution.
Although natural methods need consistency and time for the results to be achieved, they remain the safest. However, there are other methods such as creams, pills and douching products. Some companies are out to make money at the expense of your health. it is therefore advisable to seek medical advise before settling for any of these options.

Some people opt for quick remedies hence choose the surgical route. Although very effective, it is a surgery like any other. This means that there are risks and inconveniences involved. In this case, some flesh in the vaginal wall is removed and the remaining bit sewn to make it smaller hence tighter. One will need to spend a few days in the hospital and commit to a lot of after care until the area is fully healed. There are complications that may occur after this procedure. It is therefore advisable that one discusses all there is to know with their medical practitioner before settling for this option.

The vagina is a remarkable muscle that can be exercised back to tightness. As much as exercising is healthy, a well balanced diet may also help in this quest. Fruits and vegetables among other healthy dishes will help keep the vaginal pH levels balanced and the walls elastic enough to expand and contract easily whenever need arises.