Getting vertigo treatment at home

Vertigo is a sense of imbalancing movement. A sense of dizziness and the loss of balance are the indications of vertigo. It mostly affects aged people and can be either temporary or permanent. Vertigo is a feeling of tilting motion even when you sit properly at one place. When vertigo hits, you will feel everything around you in a moving state. This unpleasant feeling can last for even some days.

People who are suffering from such imbalance very frequently should start immediate treatment. There are certain home remedies for vertigo as well. Before starting any home remedy, consult a doctor primarily.

Here are some of the remedies listed below for vertigo patients.


Ginger is an effective remedy for vertigo. Adding ginger to tea or drinking it in a supplement form is the natural ways to treat vertigo. At primary level, take 1000 mgs of ginger in the form of supplement. Boil a fresh root of ginger in water to prepare the tea. Allow the piece of ginger to simmer for some time and then drink.


You will be surprised to know that magnets can be used as a remedy for motion sickness. Magnets push out the fluid from inner part of the ear and gives relief from imbalance, dizziness and abnormal eye movements. One way to use a magnet is to wear magnetic jewellery, like necklace, regularly. Another way is to purchase two magnets and wrap them in a small towel. Keep this magnetic towel around your head for 15 minutes to get relief from vertigo.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is one of the best home treatments for vertigo. It is a colourless liquid that looks same as water. As it is made up of water and oxygen, so it helps to cure vertigo by oxidation.
Removing wax from the ear and treating ear infections are the usages of peroxide. Soak a cotton ball with peroxide, squeeze peroxide out from it and keep it in your ear canal for at least five minutes. You will immediately feel relaxed once the popping sound stops. As it does not cost much, you can go for hydrogen peroxide to get relief from vertigo.

Peppermint Oil

Peppermint oil is one of the best natural oils to treat vertigo. Ismenthol is an effective ingredient in this oil which helps to cure vertigo. You can massage your back of the neck or your forehead with some drops of peppermint oil to get relief from spinning sensation. Another way is to inhale a cotton ball soaked in peppermint oil.

Vitamin D Capsules

Some patients of vertigo may be vitamin D deficient. When the level of vitamin D in the body becomes too low, dizziness and imbalance sensations crop up. Consult a doctor in order to check the level of vitamin D. Doctors may prescribe vitamin D supplements if it is very low in your body. Take 1000 units of vitamin D regularly to treat vertigo symptoms.

These home remedies will definitely prove to be effective for curing the disease of vertigo. Use the remedies properly at home and they are very safe for you as well.