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Three Major Rhinoplasty Techniques

rhinoplasty surgeryRhinoplasty is among the most difficult and complex surgical procedures today. This form of surgery can be conducted for reconstructive reasons because of breathing difficulties, cosmetic reasons, for repairing damage due to injury, or to fix birth issues. Reconstructive surgery is aimed to renovate the functional nature and appearance of the nose while cosmetic surgery is aimed at improving the looks of the nose.
In most cases, such a type of surgery is conducted by a plastic surgeon, an otolaryngologist i.e., head and neck surgeon, or a maxillofacial surgeon.

1. Open Technique

With the open technique, the surgeon could clearly look at the deformity and fix it using the patient’s personal tissues – and reform the cartilages with the help of sutures or invisible implants. The nose appears to be more natural and ages positively with the person, without needing any revision in majority of the cases.

For the open rhinoplasty technque with recommend using:

2. Closed Technique

With the closed technique, the surgeon requires additional grafts since it’s almost impossible to look at the deformity – hence, instead of fixing it, the doctor camouflages it. This isn’t a best thing to do in the longer run because visible implants could become inaccurate as time passes. Read more »